ASB Toolkit

Recording Noise Nuisance

Noise nuisance is the most common form of anti-social behaviour reported to South Lakes Housing. To help us investigate the case we require you to record any incidents of noise nuisance that disturbs you via The Noise App.

The Noise App

The Noise App is simple to use and free to download. It allows you to create an accurate record of noise nuisance and how it affects you as it is happening. A recording of the noise nuisance will be sent directly to South Lakes Housing and will be reviewed and included in our investigation.

For help on how to use The Noise App please use the following instructions to guide you:  Noise App Instructions.  If you require additional assistance please contact us.

Please note when replaying the recording the quality may be poor on your phone, however the sound file we receive is of higher quality so please still send us all recordings.