Apply for a Garage

There are currently no garages available.

 You may only apply for those garages listed above. If no garages are listed, please do not fill out the application form.

Please ensure you specify which garage you are interested in from the above list when you complete the form.

If you would like to apply to rent a garage you must complete the application form, when a garage is available to rent.

Our garages are advertised for a period of 2 weeks, during this time you may apply for an available garage by completing the application form. The closing date for the garage is listed next to the available garage and if you are successful you will be contacted by email.  We will allocate the garage to the applicant with highest priority. Priority is awarded based on if you are a current SLH Tenant, your proximity to the garage and your proposed use of the garage. Preference will also be given to those not already renting a garage from us. Please note, we do not operate a waiting list and any other accounts held with SLH should not be in arrears when applying for a garage.

The cost to rent a garage is £10.56 per week for South Lakes Housing tenants and £12.67 per week for non-tenants and a one month advance payment will be required.

Your request will be sent directly to our customer services team who will acknowledge your application within 3 working days.

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