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Tenants Content Insurance - South Lakes Housing

Tenants Content Insurance

South Lakes Housing reminds all customers to take out Household Contents Insurance

Many customers believe that South Lakes Housing automatically insure their furniture, belongings and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage such as burst pipes. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

Unfortunately some customers only realise this after the damage has been done. We make it easy for you to insure your belongings under a special household contents insurance scheme. The insurance is arranged with Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc and is available only to South Lakes Housing customers.

There are 2 cover levels for you to decide from. Simple cover does not include any cover for Accidental Damage. You also have the option to add cover for Personal Belongings, Hearing Aids, Wheelchairs or Pedal Cycle to Simple or Simple+. The costs for covers are all detailed at the back of this pack.


  • Most of your household goods and contents including pedal cycles and computer equipment are insured when in your home.
  • They are covered against loss or damage caused by specific events such as theft, fire and flood.
  • Also insured are lost or stolen keys, freezer contents, your own legal liability to the public and the cost of alternative accommodation.
  • Improvements you have made to your home such as fitted kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, laminate flooring, patio doors etc (but not greenhouses or conservatories).

Simple +

  • Simple+ includes Accidental Damage cover.

For general enquiries please call 03456 718 172. Calls may be recorded or monitored.

Before you apply please read the below documents:

Home Insurance – Insurance Product Information Document

Essential Information Document


  • Add up how much money it would cost to replace your contents using the diagram below
  • Decide what cover you need after reading the cover options on page 4
  • Check the cost for your choice of cover, with the total contents sum insured you need using the rating tables at the back of this pack
  • Complete the application form and insert your name/s into the signature box
  • Step 1:Read more
  • Step 2: Decide what cover suits youRead more


    • Your household contents and personal belongings – furniture, TV, clothing, carpets and electrical goods – are insured against loss or damage while they are in your home. The insurance covers specified circumstances including theft, vandalism, fire, flood and escaping water (e.g. from a washing machine or bath). A single item limit of £1,500 applies to contents.
    • Tenants liability – Up to 20% of the sum insured for damage to buildings and internal decorations.
    • Accidental breakage of mirrors, ceramic hobs in free standing cookers or glass which forms part of the furniture in the home.
    • Fridge / Freezer contents Contents Sum Insured.
    • Locks and keys Up to £500.
    • £5,000 Accidental Death benefit as a result of an accident in the home, while travelling as a fare paying passenger by train, bus or taxi or an assault in the street.
    • Contents while in the open on the land belonging to your home are insured against loss or damage in specified circumstances including theft, fire and flood Up to £500.
    • Garden huts, outbuildings, garages and greenhouses – Up to £500
    • Student possessions which belong to or are the legal responsibility of students while temporarily removed from your home to student lodgings are insured against loss of or damage in specified circumstances including theft, fire and flood – Up to £2,500.
    • Theft of money by bogus officials – Up to £300.
    • Trees, shrubs, plants, hedges and lawns on the land belonging to your home are insured against specified circumstances including theft, fire and vandalism – Up to £250.
    • Valuables are items which are particularly prone to theft, such as jewellery, watches, clocks, articles of precious metal, pictures, works of art and stamp, coin and medal collections. Valuables are covered in total up to 1/3 of the contents sum insured and a single item limit of £1,500 applies.
    • No excess applies to this cover.


    • All the cover provided by Simple, plus cover for accidental damage to the contents of your home – Excludes damage to clothing, contact lenses, food, drink and plants.
    • No excess applies to this cover.

    Optional Extras

    Personal Belongings

    Up to £3,000 cover available for personal belongings, including sports equipment whilst in the British Isles and temporarily elsewhere in Europe up to a maximum of 14 days.  Please note:  Personal Belongings cover is subject to a single article limit of £350. 

    Hearing Aids and Wheelchairs

    Up to £3,000 cover available for hearing aids and wheelchairs whilst in the British Isles and temporarily elsewhere in Europe up to a maximum of 14 days.

    Pedal Cycles

    Up to £3000 cover available for loss or damage to your Pedal Cycles against specified causes such as fire, theft, storm and flood.

    Policy Exclusions

    Please note this Policy is not a maintenance contract, it does not cover all losses.

    The Policy does not cover:
    • Loss or damage by scorching without a fire actually starting.
    • Loss or damage by wear and tear, maintenance, electrical, mechanical or electronic breakdown, leaks and anything which happens gradually, radioactive contamination, war risks, sonic bangs, pollution or contamination, rot, date change and computer viruses and terrorism.
    • Any items used for business or professional purposes.
    • Losses by certain causes when the home has been unoccupied for more than 60 days in a row.

    This is only a brief summary of what the Policy does and does not cover. Full details of the conditions and exclusions are given in the Policy; a specimen Policy document is available on request.

  • STEP 3: Use this section to choose which price is correct for the cover you want
    Read more

    What it will cost

    What it will cost – Optional Extras


  • Step 4 : Application FormRead more

      Please fill out all of the fields in the form below to proceed with your application.

      Fields marked with an * are required.

      Joint applicants must be named and must sign this form otherwise cover for them will not be in force.

      Whenever we ask questions on the application form about your family, we mean you or any of the following people providing they normally live with you; your husband; wife or partner; children (including foster children) your relatives; your domestic employees


      Please read the following carefully before you sign and date the Declaration.

      Claims and Underwriting Exchange

      Insurers pass information to the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register, run by Insurance Database Services Ltd (IDS Ltd). The aim is to help us to check information provided and also to prevent fraudulent claims. When we deal with your request for insurance, we may search the register. When you tell us about an incident (such as fire, water damage or theft) which may or may not give rise to a claim, we will pass information relating to it to the register.

      You can ask us for more information about this.

      You should show this notice to anyone who has an interest in property insured under the policy.

      Eligibility Disclaimer

      Royal Sun Alliance Insurance plc has the right to refuse any application which does not meet its underwriting eligibility criteria under the scheme.

      How We Use Your Information

      Your policy is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc (RSA), and your data is provided to RSA in order for them to provide you with the cover you require. To find out how RSA use your personal data, and what your rights are in relation to that information, a copy of their privacy policy can be found online at


      Important Note: Before you sign this form, please read it again making sure all questions are answered in full. Check that the answers which have been given are correct. Once you and any joint applicant sign this form you are responsible for its accuracy.

      To give false information knowingly in answer to any of the questions in order to obtain insurance or to obtain a reduced premium could be a criminal offence and could invalidate your insurance.

      I/We declare that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief the statements made by me/us or on my/our behalf are true and complete.

      I/We have read the Insurance Product Information Document and the Essential Information Document.

      I/We consent to the searching of information from other insurers to check the answers I/we have provided and I/we authorise the giving of information for such purposes.

      I/We understand that you will pass the information on this form and about any incident I/we may give details of to IDS Ltd so that they can make it available to other insurers. I/We also understand that, in response to any searches you may make in connection with this application or any incident I/we have given details of, IDS Ltd may pass you information it has received from other insurers about other incidents involving anyone insured under the policy.