Dowkers Lane

As part of the wider Waterside Regeneration which redeveloped an estate in the heart of Kendal town centre. The development included the redevelopment of a former garages site on Dowkers Lane to build 14 new affordable homes. The 14 affordable properties consist of:

  • 6— 2 Bed Houses
  • 4— 3 Bed Houses
  • 4— 2 Bed Apartments

The design includes roof-top gardens constructed over car port areas which provide residents with a fantastic vista of Kendal Castle and the Fells beyond. The homes were also built with traditional materials including Lakeland stone which was recycled from the demolished parts of the estate.


Waterside is an estate built in the 1960’s bordering the River Kent located close to the town centre. Although it is within a conservation area, the estate had issues surrounding isolation and public perception. The regeneration strategy was based on an innovative plan to transform the estate’s issues through integrated measure including an environment improvement programme, site redevelopment and community engagement. The plans were drawn up following extensive consultation starting in 2013 with tenants, leaseholders and owners around the area.

The aim was to Build pride in Waterside.

Alongside the garage redevelopment there were extensive planned environmental improvements including:

  • New bin stores
  • Storage sheds
  • Parking for residents
  • Landscaping to the whole estate to make it a better place to live for the residents

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