ASB Toolkit

Nuisance Vehicles

Depending on the issue with the vehicle will depend on whether or not South Lakes Housing will consider this Anti-Social Behaviour.

Abandoned Vehicles

If the car is abandoned on the highway you will need to contact SLDC (01539 733333) and report it to their Enforcement Team If the car is abandoned on our land, start by speaking to neighbours to see if they know who the car belongs to. If no-one knows, make a note of the registration number, make and colour and please report these online. Please supply photographs where possible.


South Lakes Housing do not consider this Anti-Social Behaviour and cannot manage parking.

However, if your neighbour is parking in a manner which obstructs your ability to enter/leave your home and/or allocated parking space, start by speaking to them first, they may not be aware their actions are causing you a problem.

If the problem continues then you can take the following action:

If it is on a public verge or highway and the vehicle is found to be parked contravening local parking regulations contact South Lakeland District Council who may be able to assist by issuing a Penalty Charge notice.

If it is parked in such a manner where it needs to be removed immediately, please contact the Police who will arrange this if deemed necessary.

If it is on land owned by South Lakes Housing, please report it to us via the online reporting form and upload photographic evidence of the obstruction.