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Criminal Behaviour & Domestic Abuse - South Lakes Housing

ASB Toolkit

Criminal Behaviour & Domestic Abuse

Criminal Behaviour

If criminal behaviour has taken place you need to report this to the Police immediately, you must also let them know if you are concerned about your safety.

Criminal behaviour includes; gun/knife crime, arson, hate crime, sexual offences, criminal damage and assault.

Once you have reported it to the Police, please contact us with the Police log number and the officer’s name.

Domestic Abuse

If you are concerned about your safety or the safety of someone else, you must contact the Police immediately

If you are, or someone you know is, a victim of domestic abuse or violence you can report this to South Lakes Housing and the Police.

For more information on where to get help and additional support please visit:

How to Report

South Lakes Housing aims to investigate reports of serious Anti-Social Behaviour within 1 working day. Should you continue to experience problems you will need to report any incidents through the online reporting form and to the Police. Any incidents reported will be attached to an ASB case as evidence.

Once the initial investigation has taken place our Tenancy Management Team will decide what course of action will be taken. You will be informed of the outcome.