ASB Toolkit


South Lakes Housing does not consider this as Anti-Social Behaviour, unless the work is persistently taking place at unreasonable times of the day. South Lakes Housing considers DIY to be unreasonable between the hours of 9pm-7am.

If you feel safe to do so try and speak to your neighbour to let them know how their activities or behaviour is affecting you. They might not be aware they are disturbing you and likely to appreciate you letting them know.

How to Report

If the DIY becomes persistent then South Lakes Housing aims to investigate reports of noise nuisance over a 2 week period. During this time you will need to continue to report any incidents of nuisance you are experiencing through the online reporting form or via The Noise App. Any incidents reported will be attached to an ASB case as evidence.

Once the initial 2 week period is over a review of the case will be carried out by our Tenancy Management Team to decide what course of action will be taken. You will be informed of the outcome.