Welfare Reform Updates

The Government has already introduced a number of major changes to working age benefits, including the Under Occupancy Charge or Bedroom Tax, Universal Credit, the Benefits Cap, changes to the Employment & Support Allowance and the imposition of the two child limit for Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit and Universal Credit awards. However, further reforms are due to implemented over the next few years, including the application of the Local Housing Allowance to social housing and further changes to Universal Credit. Some of the reforms will also affect older people.

Some of these changes might make it more difficult for you to manage your money and to sustain your tenancy. It is your responsibility to pay the rent but SLH is here to help. We can provide you with the information, advice and support that you may need in order to understand how these welfare reforms may affect you and also help minimise the impact of these changes on your life.

In other sections you will find that we have highlighted some of the main benefits to which you may be entitled, together with the range of information, advice and support we can provide with respect to you managing your money.