Council Tax Reduction Scheme

If you are on a low income and you are eligible, you may be able to get your council tax bill reduced through the Council Tax Reduction scheme. Council Tax Reduction helps people on low incomes and/or certain welfare benefits to pay their council tax bill. If you think you may be entitled youll need to apply to your local authority for a reduction.

If you qualify, the Local Authority will reduce your council tax bill by a certain amount. Although its possible to get a 100% reduction, its likely that most people of working age will have to pay at least some council tax every month.

Please note: If you claim Universal Credit you will have to make a separate claim to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. This is different from when you claim Housing Benefit, where the claim is made on one form.

It may be worth checking if your council tax bill should instead be reduced under a different scheme the Alternative Council Tax Reduction Scheme (sometimes referred to as the Second Adult Rebate). This can be claimed by persons liable to pay Council Tax on their own and where other adults (second adults) live in the property and they are on a low income.