Rights And Responsibilities


To have a cat, dog or similar animal you will need to contact us to ask permission. We usually say yes, but you must be a responsible pet owner meaning that you pick up after your animal and keep it under control at all times. We will refuse permission if you ask to keep any illegal dog breeds or any other animals that appear to be bred for fighting.


You are responsible for dealing with wasps, ants, insects, rats and other pests and vermin in your home. If you are aged 63 and over we will send someone to treat these on your behalf.

Gardens & Trees

You are responsible for maintaining your own garden, keeping it clean, tidy and the grass cut. If you have a garden timber shed, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing this. In some cases, we will only fit new fencing to the front of your home. However, we are not responsible for fencing round the perimeter, this is your responsibility or a shared responsibility with your neighbour. Trees that are situated in your garden are your responsibility and we take responsibility for trees in shared areas.

Parking & Vehicles

You and your visitors are responsible for parking considerately. We will not allow for untaxed or un-roadworthy vehicles to be stored at your home and work closely with the police and DVLA to deal with abandoned vehicles. You must seek permission to park caravans or motor homes on your drive or in communal parking areas.