Star Survey: Have Your Say!

Were asking a sample of around 1500 tenants to share their views on the services we provide through a Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR). It is important for us to understand how tenants feel about the services we provide, to be sure we are delivering them in the way and to the standard that you want.

Weve asked an independent organisation, M·E·L Research, to carry out this survey on our behalf, in line with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. Anything you tell M·E·L Research will remain completely confidential and will be used for research purposes only. South Lakes Housing will not see returned surveys but will receive a report from M·E·L Research on their findings based on combined scores.

Tenants have the opportunity to play a big part in shaping our services. The results of the survey are vital in helping us make business decisions and shape future services. Anyone who completes also has the chance of winning a 1 of 8 £25 vouchers!

For more information about the survey, please contact Lyn Richardson at 01539 717727 or You can also contact Jordan Harrold at M·E·L Research on 0121 604 4664 or


Why is this survey taking place? We are conducting a STAR survey to help understand tenant and leaseholder satisfaction and how the services offered could be improved. Feedback to this survey is extremely valuable and will help to inform the council on decision making.

What is STAR? The Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) is the nationally recognised industry standard survey of tenant and leaseholder satisfaction. It is carried out by over 300 social housing providers. Councils, Housing Associations, and Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs), all participate in STAR. The survey follows a design developed by HouseMark, who are the leading provider of housing benchmarking services for the UK.

Is the survey legitimate? Yes the survey is being run by M·E·L Research, an independent research agency, on behalf of South Lakes Housing. M·E·L Research is a social research and behavioural insights consultant based in Birmingham.

How will surveys be distributed? Those selected to complete a survey will be sent a postal survey with a cover letter and free postage return envelope. On the cover letter will also be an option to complete the survey online. Some will instead receive an online invite via either email or mobile to complete the survey. In the instance we dont see a response to the online invite, they will then be sent a postal survey in the reminder mailing.

Will my answers be anonymous? Yes all surveys will be returned to M·E·L Research who will compile the data and feedback to us on a total basis Any identifying or personal data will not be provided with your answers back South Lakes Housing unless you give your permission to do so in the survey.

What if I want to opt-out? If you would like to opt-out of the survey and not receive any reminders, please return the survey blank or alternatively phone MEL Researchs free call help line on 0800 073 0348. If you dont wish to participate, please let us know, so we can offer another resident the opportunity.

How will the results be used? The results from the survey will inform service improvement priorities for 2021/22. Where residents responses highlight particular services areas for improvement, then that will be reflected in the way in which we plan our work and set our priorities for the coming year.

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