South Lakes Housing Launches New Sustainability Strategy

South Lakes Housing (SLH) have developed a new Sustainability Strategy for decarbonising their business, improving the energy efficiency of their existing homes and developing new homes, creating sustainable communities and achieving a target of net zero by 2050.   

SLH are committed to taking action to alleviate the impact of climate change on their customers, communities and the environment. The strategy, which runs from 2022 to 2027, reflects SLH’s ambitious plans for addressing future environmental challenges and supporting the delivery of their corporate strategy ‘Quality homes, a platform for life’.   

The strategy has 5 key objectives: 

  • Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency 
  • Neighbourhoods and Biodiversity 
  • Sustainable Resources ​(Waste and Water)  
  • Sustainable Offices and Operations ​ 
  • Engagement and Culture Change​ 

SLH will achieve these aims by: 

  • Building homes which are kinder to the environment by being highly energy efficient. 
  • Investing in homes to minimise environmental impact and improve the energy efficiency of our homes, where possible, to an Energy Performance Band C rating. 
  • Increasing biodiversity to assist in removing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere in our new and existing open spaces.  
  • Changing how SLH operates. 
  • Supporting and educating customers and colleagues .

Richard Hayes, Director of Homes at SLH said “This strategy places collective responsibility on everyone at SLH to ensure we are not only working in ways that limit our impact on the environment but actively taking steps to make sustainable choices, improve biodiversity and engage others in change. The social housing sector accounts for 17 % of the national carbon footprint, so here at SLH we have a significant role to play. Our Sustainability Strategy is the start of how we will shape our future to achieve net zero carbon by 2050.”  

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