Out & About in our Local Neighbourhoods

Over the last few months we’ve been out & about in our local Neighbourhoods, meeting our customers and listening to our communities.  Our team of Neighbourhood Partners and Neighbourhood Assistants regularly run Estate Walkabouts to meet face to face with customers in and around our local Neighbourhoods, to better understand what matters to you and how we can improve.



We also provide support through a wide range of activities including:

Our annual gardening competition is a hugely popular event and attracts entries from throughout the South Lakes area.  This and the many activities our teams at SLH carry out throughout the year in our communities, compliment the work we do in and around our Neighbourhoods and help us to be more sustainable and better care for the environment.


It’s also important to us that the places and people that we are responsible for are safe and secure.  There are lots of things we do in our Neighbourhoods and behind the scenes to ensure our communities, customers and neighbourhoods are safe.


To find out more about your Neighbourhood, check out our Neighbourhood Plans for your area and community.

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