Our response to damp, mould and condensation

We take our responsibility as a social housing provider very seriously, and ensuring our customers have a safe and secure home to live in is our main priority at South Lakes Housing (SLH). We have several systems and processes in place to ensure we proactively identify any damp and mould problems in our homes as well as promptly respond to any issues customers raise. We are keen to identify the causes of damp and mould issues and to work with customers through a person-centred approach and a responsive and proactive service to tackle any damp and mould issues.

Our process to tackle reports of damp and mould in our homes includes:

  • Carrying out periodic stock condition surveys of all our customers homes
  • Identifying damp and mould issues whenever we are visiting our customers homes
  • Following any reports received either internally or from customers, undertaking a full inspection of the property
  • Analysis of customer survey feedback and complaints to ensure any references to damp and mould are picked up and logged
  • Issuing any work required and/or providing advice to our customers
  • Carrying follow up calls with customers ever 3, 6 and 12 months to check that whatever remedy we put in place has worked and the problem has been rectified
  • Consulting and involving customers in developing our damp policy
  • Providing clear and accessible guidance to all our customers about what to do if they think they have mould in their home and advice on how to reduce condensation
  • Signposting customers struggling with the cost of heating and other bills to our cost-of-living hub here, and speaking to our dedicated Income Team
  • Ensuring our sustainability strategy supports warm and safe homes

Tackling damp and mould and providing safe and secure homes remains a top priority at SLH.

If you are concerned about damp or mould in your home and if you are or a member of your household is vulnerable due to age or health reasons, please let us know. Prevention is always better than cure so if you think you’ve got a problem with damp, mould or condensation please email us or call us on 0300 303 8540 so we can investigate what’s causing the issue and see what we can do together to resolve it.

You can find out more information on damp, mould and condensation here.



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