New Team in Town

South Lakes Housing (SLH) are pleased to announce that we will be working with our newly approved contractor, Ultracare Property Management (UPM), to carry out our neighbourhood cleaning services.

Residents who pay a service charge for the cleaning of communal areas will start to notice the UPM team in and around your blocks and communal areas. We have already had several positive comments from residents about the improved standard of cleaning in their blocks and are looking to increase the level of feedback we receive from residents. A list of the areas included in the contract is given below, if you are a resident of one of these areas and you would like to get involved to support us in improving the conditions of your communal spaces please contact us at

Areas included:

  • Gladstone House
  • Mill Dam and Soutergate
  • Tyson Square
  • West Ing
  • Castle Walk
  • Edgecombe Court
  • Gallowbarrow
  • Birthwaite
  • Cross Lane
  • Fell Close and Ellerside residents’ lounge
  • Helm Close
  • Ullswater Close
  • Jennings Terrace
  • Waterside
  • Bishops Court
  • Pembroke Court
  • Ulverston Town Hall Apartments

Clear the way!

The UPM team are working closely with our Neighbourhood team to ensure they can get access to all areas to clean and residents are asked to please ensure that corridors, stairwells and communal areas are kept in a tidy condition and all items are removed. This helps us to improve the standard of cleaning but also to make sure that they are free from fire risks and obstructions. SLH will be targeting blocks where items are being stored and if residents do not remove items within a given amount of time once requested to do so, they will be removed and stored for 28 days at the cost of the resident. Once removed and stored, if these items are not reclaimed within the 28 day period they will be disposed of at the cost of the owner.

Please support us in this push to clear all items from our communal areas!

If you have items, you wish to remove from a communal area but you are not physically able to do so please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will look to support you with this. 

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