Learning from Your Feedback, Compliments & Complaints

At South Lakes Housing we value your feedback through complaints, compliments and suggestions as they help us improve.

During April 2023 and October 2023, we received 30 compliments and 37 complaints and have made several improvements as a result.

Below are the main themes of the complaints we received between April-Oct 2023*:

  • Unhappy with process 8%
  • Unhappy with decision 5%
  • Communication 40%
  • Process not explained 13%
  • Colleague attitude / behaviour 11%
  • We did not do what we said 21%
  • Other 2%

*Please note, some complaints have more than one theme and may also be applicable to our contractors.


Here are some of the improvements we have made from your feedback, complaints and suggestions:

Call handling:

You told us that our Customer Service Advisers do not always provide a good customer service.

All colleagues have received the Mary Gober International (MGI) customer experience training programme using the Mindset, Language and Action Toolkit. We’ve embedded these (MGI) ‘Let’s Make It Happen’ principles to promote positive customer experience. We are now carrying out quality assurance checks by listening to a sample of calls each month received from our customers and ensuring the above principles are embedded in each call and where required we will provide further training to Customer Service Advisers.

Defects period:

You told us that our contractors are not following up on defects specifically relating to garden in our new build properties. We have reminded our contractors to follow up on actions identified through the defect warranty period and reminded SLH colleagues of the correct process. Our Development Team continue to monitor these with contractors.

Delay in getting repairs carried out:

You told us there are some delays in carrying out repairs to your home. We continue to recruit tradespeople to enable us to carry out repairs in a timely manner in your home. Customers can book a repair appointment through My Account.

Form of ID:

You told us contractors are sometimes not showing their ID prior to visiting your home.

Your safety is paramount to us, we have reminded our contractors and tradespeople to always have their ID on them and to make sure it is shown upon arrival, at customer’s home. We want to make sure our customers are safe at their home and will remind you that you should not allow anyone to enter your home, if their ID is not shown, during unannounced visit or you feel uncertain.

Process not explained:

You told us that the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) policy and process was not explained to you and you were not sure if your complaint had been taken seriously. Our Neighbourhood Partners have been reminded to explain the ASB policy and process clearly at the start of any (ASB) incident. The policy can also be found on our website: Service Standards & Policies – South Lakes Housing.

Follow-up repairs:

You told there are some delays when follow-up repairs are required.

On some occasions, the tradesperson does not record the follow-on repair information correctly which results in delays getting these carried out. Our colleagues have been reminded of the correct process at Toolbox Talks, and we will arrange the works once we have received the parts in full.


A sample of the compliments we have received are below:

These have come through various communication channels such as CST (telephone), in person, letters, email and direct call to SLH colleagues.

· He wanted us to know what a good job we all are doing as a Housing Association and was keen that I let everyone know, especially the Chief Executive! He applauds our professionalism and dedication to our work. Customer – Pembroke Court

· I should like to take this opportunity of thanking you for such excellent professional service. Earlier today I telephoned since I was experiencing problems with my electricity supply – due to a faulty appliance in the kitchen. Within less than half an hour your electrician arrived on the premises and effected a successful repair, thus solving the problem. I realise that the words “thank you” are rarely used in this modern era but as a gentleman of the old school I firmly believe in expressing my appreciation for a job well done. Your employee was most courteous and considerate, and this was much appreciated. Customer- Gallowbarrow

· I just wanted to send a quick email thanking you for the service you have provided for my Nan to get her new windows fitted. You have provided excellent service from the first time I contacted you and I know my Nan is now happy with her windows . Thank you again and please take care. Relative- Customer Windermere

· I am absolutely thrilled with South Lakes Housing AS they were amazing and helped me find a beautiful person to live The Neighbourhood Assistant was absolutely brilliant the way she showed you around and helped with all the paper work etc She deserves a medal the way she worked on my case I don’t know how to thank her and all the people at South Lakes Housing for everything they did and are still doing for me. Ithink they are such good helpful people and deserve a great big round of applause and big hugs thank you so very much South Lakes Housing thank you. Take care. Customer- Ulverston

· The maintenance service team are great, help comes quickly when needed and I can contact 24 hours a day. The workmen are polite and don’t make a mess. The Neighbourhood Partner has been extremely supportive especially when I first moved in’. Customer- Ulverston

Additional Compliments from customer satisfaction surveys


· Very professional approach to the jobs that needed to be done-

· The repair required was completed successfully, efficiently with good communication-

· Good response time for repair and very helpful workmen-

· My gate was replaced quickly after reporting the issue.

· Good service, Allen was professional. Outside pointing done well, as well as inside ceiling fault eradicated

· Very polite and quick am very satisfied

· Bradley the workman who has done a few jobs for us, he is both professional and friendly

· Trades men were very polite

· Clean, tidy, polite, good at his job

· Polite, smart, chatty understanding

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