Helping Tenants to Reduce Fuel Bills

South Lakes Housing are working with our approved contractor, Warm Front Limited, to carry out energy assessments of our homes.

The inspections will enable us to identify if any energy-saving improvements can be carried out to our tenants home which will result in lower fuel bills for our tenants.

Richard Hayes, SLH Director of Assets said: The cost of utility bills can affect everyone, especially those in rented accommodation, who may fall into fuel poverty if their bills are too expensive. We are therefore trying to help to reduce tenants energy bills by ensuring that our homes are energy efficient. By undertaking EPC surveys to our properties, we can measure their energy efficiency rating and identify areas for improvement.

They will be carrying out 1500 surveys over the next two years in all our properties which dont currently have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) or have an EPC which is older than 10 years.

The surveyor will also provide tenants with energy-saving advice and guidance on how to reduce fuel bills during the visit.

Warm Front Limited are leading providers of insulation and energy efficiency measures in the UK. They are the only company authorised by South Lakes Housing to carry out the surveys and potential energy efficiency measures to their housing stock.

Andrew Walton, Managing Director at Warm Front Limited said: Warm Front Limited are proactively aiming to assist all homeowners and tenants within the Cumbrian demographic area, to reduce fuel bills by the installation of insulation and energy efficiency measures. We are currently carrying out an E.P.C program for SLH, to collate information on how energy efficient their properties are and assist wherever possible. We work on a holistic approach and are working in partnership with many Local Authorities within Cumbria, to improve both energy awareness and reduce carbon emissions.

We will be writing to all our tenants who will be receiving this survey.

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