Energy Savers Week 2024 – Join us & the Energy Saving Trust

Energy Savers Week

With more cold weather forecast, here at SLH we are promoting sustainability and helping our customers to save money and stay warm by whole-heartedly supporting Energy Savers Week (15th – 21st Jan).  The national initiative is run by the Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice, who have worked with energy saving experts to share their top 5 affordable tips for staying warm this winter:

Energy Savers Week Tip 1:

➡️ Turn down your thermostat by 1°C and save around £105 a year on energy bills –

Energy Savers Week Tip 2:

➡️ Switch your heating off when leaving the house for a few hours –

Energy Savers Week Tip 3:

➡️ Fit draught-proofing strips to your windows and doors and save around £45 a year –

Energy Savers Week Tip 4:

➡️ Get a hot water cylinder jacket and save roughly £50 a year on energy bills –

Energy Savers Week Tip 5:

➡️ Keep furniture away from radiators and heaters to feel warmer at home –

Other ways to save……

In response to the cost of living crisis and fluctuating prices within the energy market, Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust are running a year long Energy Savers Campaign to share information and advice to help people manage their energy bills. 

To find out more about these tips and other useful energy advice, visit our Cost of Living Hub or

You can also find out more information on saving energy and keeping your home healthy by checking out our Healthy Home video and Handbook on our Healthy Home webpage here.

Here at South Lakes Housing we are reducing our carbon footprint and investing millions of pounds in sustainability by building new energy efficient affordable homes and upgrading hundreds of our existing homes with energy efficient measures.  Check out our Sustainability Hub and our Warmer Greener Homes initiative, as well as and our award winning new developments in Our New Build Homes section on our website.


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