Court action taken against anti-social tenants

South Lakes Housing (SLH) has been granted two injunctions for anti-social behavior within the last few weeks.

SLH obtained an injunction against Mark Beckford of Jenkin Rise, Kendal on the 21st of October 2016. SLH first received complaints about noise nuisance in November 2015 which SLH tried to solve by installing insulation between the flats. SLH continued to receive complaints and were granted an injunction which states that Mr Beckford is not to engage or threaten to engage in behaviour that is capable of cauising nuisance to anybody within the neighbourhood of Jenkin Rise. The order made by Kendal County Court is in place until 4pm on 21st October 2017.

SLH also secured a further injunction on 14th November 2016 against Danny Campbell of Well Ing, Kendal. SLH first received complaints about nuisance behaviour on 10th October 2016 and immediately applied for an injunction due to the his refusal to remove his caravan from his mothers garden and general aggressive behaviour. SLH were granted an injunction which states that he must not be in the area that consists of 21-25 Well Ing, he must remove the caravan from the garden of 25 Well Ing and he must not to threaten or engage in behaviour that is capable of causing nuisance to anybody in the neighbourhood of Well Ing. The order granted by Barrow County Court is in place until 4pm on 6th November 2018, and a power of arrest is attached to the order. Since the order has been granted the caravan has been removed.

Alison Kinnon, Director of Customers & Communities at SLH, said A small number of households are typically responsible for a high proportion of anti-social behaviour and South Lakes Housing is committed to tacking these people so that other residents can have the right to peaceful enjoyment of their homes. In the last few years we have evicted two tenants and secured injunctions on seven tenants due to anti social behavior.

Anyone who is disturbed by noise nuisance and wishes to report an incident should report ASB online or if you witness any threatening or abusive behaviour call the Police on 101 immediately.

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