Community Hero Winners

We understand that the past few months have been difficult and we have seen true community spirit and support throughout our neighbourhoods during this time. We wanted to recognise all the people within our communities who have gone that extra mile so we created the South Lakes Housing Community Hero Awards.

Thank you to everyone who made a nomination there were some amazing entries and we received a tremendous amount of nominations for our first every Community Hero Awards. This made it extremely difficult for the judging panel which included the Chair of Tenants’ Committee, Stephen Bolton and SLH staff.

Stephen Bolton, Chair of SLH Tenants’ Committee said, “It has been a pleasure to be a part of the judging panel for the Community Hero Awards and to see all of the fantastic community spirit across all of our neighbourhoods. Despite some of the winners having challenges to overcome themselves they still volunteered their time to help and support others.”

Lyn Richardson, Community Engagement Officer at South Lakes Housing, said, “I have been overwhelmed with the dedication and modesty all of the winners and their continued enthusiasm to support the community they live in. They have helped the lives of many during this pandemic, not only physical support such as shopping but also through emotional support by just being there for people. I hope the award and voucher help to recognise all of your continued commitment and hard work.”.

South Lakes Housing made socially distanced visits to the winners, to hand over the awards.

The twelve deserving winners are:

Jean Allan- Kirkbarrow Kendal

Jean ran a Saturday evening street bingo session outside her house for residents on Kirkbarrow during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Alongside this she also shares out food that is donated from local shops, you just turn up to her house and get what you want from the boxes.

Caroline Smith-Dance- Ulverston

Caroline was one of the founders of the Ulverston Self Isolation Facebook group at the beginning of the pandemic and she has made an immense impact in the success of the community pulling together to help each other during the lockdown. She has been an absolute inspiration and continues to be generous to others such as buying them a portion of fish and chips!

Kathleen Graham– Burneside

Kath has been brilliant, helping people in her area with their mental health, such as knocking on doors when she knew neighbours might be down, shes bought flowers, bottles of wine and little kind thoughtful presents to cheer the community up. She has transformed the overgrown gardens and made them beautiful out of her own money.

Mary Jane Walker- Milnthorpe

As well as taking care of all her family, throughout lockdown, Mary, baked for her whole close and their children.  This has brought the neighbours closer together and a good community feeling has developed in these difficult times. She also goes litter picking with her sister around Milnthorpe weekly.

Sabine Janowitz- Kirkby Lonsdale

Sabine is an absolute powerhouse in her community. She goes out of her way to help anyone in need, with no fuss or ceremony. She has volunteered tirelessly for the local mutual aid group, as well as the food bank and The Community Cupboard in Kirkby Lonsdale. Kirkby Lonsdale is lucky to have her, undoubtedly she has made this Pandemic a lot easier for many people in her community.

Dawn Humble- Endmoor

During COVID, Dawn has been a lifesaver for a group of residents living on Low Park near Endmoor. She takes shopping orders every week and delivers the goods where required and always gives priority at any time to anyone needing medicines from any chemist.

Dawn holds and has held since their inception, a responsible administrative position with Endmoor First Responders, which includes helping with organising money-raising events, distributing and emptying collection boxes. As soon as she sees anyone needing assistance she is there.

Nicola Ablitt

While home-schooling her 5 children, Nicola found time to ensure that all local people were cared for and essentials were provided. She worked in hand with the local food bank and did shopping for the locals who were shielding or isolating. She also arranged for donations of products from local businesses to be distributed throughout the community.

Myles Ripley- Sedbergh

At the beginning of the first lockdown in March, Myles took control of Sedbergh and organised food deliveries, medication deliveries, a set up a local food bank outside the Spar in Sedbergh. He heads up the local dementia group, has driven the community transport when required and volunteered daily at Westmorland Hospital throughout the pandemic.

Deborah Michel- Staveley

Deborah has almost single-handedly set up Staveley together, a community group of over 50 volunteers to help support local people affected by Covid. Not only have the volunteers helped with deliveries but have provided reassurance and emotional support to vulnerable people in the area. Without Deborah this would not have happened, her hard work, organisational skills and perseverance have made it possible. She has continued this role throughout the second lockdown.

Janet Carter- Grange-over-Sands

Janet has led the community support response in Grange-over-Sands by creating a Facebook page for the community to access current information. She also recruited local volunteers to help vulnerable people in Grange Over Sands who helped to deliver shopping and essentials, making buddy calls and delivering prescriptions.

Janet describes herself as a Kindness Ambassador a Social Entrepreneur and a Community Creator.  She leads a community support organisation, based in Grange-over-Sands,  called Light Up Lives which also incorporates GAP Wellbeing Hub. GAP Wellbeing Hub is a group of local residents who meet regularly with the aim of making a difference in their local community.

Leone and Adam Edwards- Sandylands

Leone despite being at risk herself, ensured that the popular food share on Sandylands served those in most need during the height of the Lockdown taking details of those in isolation and ensuring they had the essentials to see them through.

Adam has continued to work all the way through COVID giving out food to those in need and has expanded the food share with home delivery to those who need it.

Leone and Adam continue to create activities for families that enable the community of Sandylands to feel connected.

Megan Eccles Ulverston

Megan during Lockdown worked tirelessly, checking in with familys to ensure they had enough food in their cupboards, organising foodbank vouchers for those struggling and also picking up and delivering those food bank bags to families who were having to shield or didnt drive etc to help.

She regularly checked in with all her staff to ensure their mental health wasnt deteriorating, and that their furlough wages were sufficient to feed their families.

She is a pillar of strength to her family, friends, staff and nursery families, her caring nature and desire to help and support all others is a credit to her and shes made an amazing difference to the nursery setting and as a result to the wider community also.


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