Better Health at Work Award

South Lakes Housing is taking part in the Better Health at Work Award (BHAWA) scheme to help promote a healthy lifestyle to our employees as we are committed to improving our employees health and wellbeing.

The Better Health at Work Award recognises the efforts of employers in the North East and Cumbria in addressing health issues within the workplace. There are 4 levels to the Award Bronze, Silver, Gold and Continuing Excellence, with appropriate criteria at each stage to build into an Award Portfolio and organisations are given up to a year per level.

We have currently are working towards our Bronze award and hope to progress through to the Gold and continuing excellence award.

We have eight enthusiastic Health Advocates; James, Helen, Lyn, Sue, Ian, Elizabeth, Wayne and Heather who are passionate about improving the health of South Lakes Housing employees. They work hard to involve and motivate our employees to actively participate.

The Health Advocates are there to support South Lakes Housing in achieving our Better Health at Work award and they are the key to us achieving our goal. Health advocates promote continual improvement to the health and wellbeing of their employees by organising and championing health initiatives/activities within their workplace and running health campaigns and events that link in with national campaigns.

Our Health Advocates are undertaking a series of campaigns, activities and events for our employees to take part:

  • Tea and Talk event for World Mental Health Day
  • Healthy Bake Off Competition
  • Mocktail Making Masterclass
  • Fitness Visits from local gyms
  • Three Peaks Challenge
  • Stoptober
  • Workplace Netball Tournament
  • Yoga Classes
  • Health Checks
  • Football Tournaments
  • Rounders Match
  • Cookbook Swap
  • Weigh-Ins

The Health Advocates have also set up a Fit Club where they run regular competitions such as Fitness Fanatic and Wellness Warrior  with prizes being donated from local businesses for the winners.

As part of the Fit Club, the Health Advocates also provide tools and trackers for our employees to seek advice and also to monitor their progress with improving their health and wellbeing. They also signpost employees to healthy recipe websites, health apps, fitness challenges and offer prizes that encourage the continued improvement of their health including gym passes, spa vouchers and healthy snack boxes.

Elizabeth one of the Health Advocates said, We are excited to support SLH through fun health campaigns and initiatives which allow staff to access information, advice and support, encourages good practice and enables us to learn new skills, access training from Health and other professionals

We know we can all benefit from becoming more active and leading a healthier lifestyle and we want to encourage a healthier workforce.

You can find out more about the Better Health at Work Award here:

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