Being a Good Neighbour

We are in very stressful and worrying times especially for those who are self-isolating, unwell, have children at home and for those who are key workers providing valued help and support.

We can all still be good neighbours during the Coronavirus crisis, we would ask that you be a good neighbour during this time.

Be mindful of the Governments requirement of social distancing and that you need to keep a 2m distance between yourself and others that are not from your household.  You must ensure you do not have visitors to your home other than those persons providing an essential service.

Wash your hands with soap and water often and do this for at least 20 seconds, even if you havent been outside you may have been in communal areas or touched door handles, hand rails, door entry panels and lift buttons.

You can be a good neighbour by:

  • Being open-minded of your neighbours and aware that their lifestyle may differ from yours.
  • Keeping the volume of music, TVs and any audio equipment at an acceptable level and putting them away from walls that connect your neighbours home.
  • Carrying out repairs to vehicles or doing DIY, during daytime hours when it is least likely to disturb your neighbours.
  • Parking in a courteous way that doesnt obstruct access or your neighbours right of way.
  • Making sure your pet doesnt create a mess or noise that impacts on your neighbours.

If you feel you are being affected by anti-social behaviour, please visit our report anti-social behaviour page

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