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Annual Tenant Report | South Lakes Housing

Annual Tenant Report

South Lakes Housing and Tenants’ Committee have today published their annual report.

The Regulatory Standard on Tenant Involvement & Empowerment requires that housing associations provide timely and relevant performance information to support effective scrutiny by tenants of their performance. This includes the publication of an annual report in a form agreed by tenants.

The Annual Report 2016 is being issued to every tenant either by post or by email.

The report shows that;

  • Over the last 12 months; £6m has been spent on the home improvement programme and 16 new homes were built
  • Rents have been reduced by 1% every year for the next four years
  • The Offer Document promises are on track for completion by March 2017
  • The impact of Storm Desmond on SLH – 60 properties were flooded costing £2.3m
  • A range of community initiatives and youth projects
  • Plans to redevelop the Waterside estate in Kendal
  • Special focus on managing money
  • Review of board effectiveness
  • Regulator calls for action on ‘value for money’
  • Review of performance against the national standards

The report was jointly produced by SLH staff and the Tenants’ Committee. This included a series of editorial meetings and consulting the view of tenants on their views about the evidence SLH could produce to comply with the regulatory standards.