Tenant Alterations And Improvements

Written permission is required if you want to; decorate the exterior of the property, make any structural alterations or additions, alter or add any fixtures, remove any hedges, trees or shrubs, fix satellite TV aerial dishes, construct hardstandings and erecting sheds.

You must obtain written consent from us before you carry out any work. We cannot refuse permission without good reason, but may impose reasonable conditions. There may also be local planning or conservation area restrictions preventing you from undertaking some works. You should contact us to request permission.

Please give us as many details as possible, that is, the nature of the works, plans, and contractors name (where appropriate). When we have received all the information we need, have carried out any necessary inspections, and have seen proof of all consents (where appropriate), we will notify you of our decision and agree when the works can start. This will usually happen within 28 days of receipt of your application.