Kendal South

Our neighbourhood plan for Kendal South sets out how South Lakes Housing Housing will work collaboratively with residents, and our partners to respond and overcome the challenges in your area.

View your Kendal South Neighbourhood Plan here.

Your Neighbourhood Partners are:







        Jackie                          Fiona                         Rosie

Kendal South Neighbourhood covers:

Anchorite Fields, Kendal  Anchorite Place, Kendal  Anchorite Road, Kendal 
Barn Holme, Kendal  Bishops Court, Kendal  Brockbeck, Kendal   
Buttery Well Road, Kendal   Capper Close, Kendal    Castle Circle, Kendal 
Castle Close, Kendal  Castle Drive, Kendal  Castle Grove, Kendal  
Castle Oval, Kendal  Castle Riggs, Kendal   Castle Rise, Kendal 
Castle Walk, Kendal  Cross Lane, Kenda  Dowkers Lane, Kendal 
Echo Bank, Kendal    Echo Barn Hill, Kendal   Edgecombe Court, Kendal   
Fountain Brow, Kendal    Gallowbarrow, Kendal     Gawith Place, Kendal 
Glebe Road, Kendal    Greengate Lane, Kendal    Greengate, Kendal   
Hill Close, Kendal    Jennings Terrace, Kendal  Kent Place, Kendal    
Kirkbarrow, Kendal    Levens Close, Kendal  Limestone Road, Kendal 
Long Close, Kendal    Low Fellside, Kendal    Marble Crescent, Kendal 
Middle Lane, Kendal   Milnthorpe Road, Kendal  Natland Road, Kendal   
New Bank Yard, Kendal  Nobles Rest, Kendal  Parkside Road, Kendal 
Pembroke Court, Kendal  Peppercorn Lane, Kendal    Rinkfield, Kendal  
Rosemary Lane, Kendal    Sepulchre Lane, Kendal   Tenterfell Court, Kendal 
The Syke, Kendal    Vicars Fields, Kendal    Vicars Garth, Kendal   
Vicars Hill, Kendal   Vicars Walk, Kendal  Waterside, Kendal  
Wattsfield Lane, Kendal  Well Ing, Kendal    Yard 43, Highgate, Kendal 
Yard 77, Highgate, Kendal    Yard 83, Highgate, Kendal    Yard 89, Stricklandgate, Kendal 
Yard 91, Highgate, Kendal    Beathwaite Close, Levens  Church Road, Levens 
Hyning Court, Levens     Lowgate, Levens    Meadow Wood, Levens 
The Green, Levens   Park Close, Natland