Kendal North

Our neighbourhood plan for Kendal North sets out how South Lakes Housing Housing will work collaboratively with residents, and our partners to respond and overcome the challenges in your area.

View your Kendal North Neighbourhood Plan here.

Your Neighbourhood Partners are:







       Jenny                           Rosie

Kendal North Neighbourhood covers:

Chapel Field, Burneside   Hallgarth Circle, Kendal  Peat Lane, Kendal 
Duffield Hall Road, Burneside  High Garth, Kendal  Rydal Road, Kendal 
Hall Park, Burneside  High Mead, Kendal  Sandgate, Kendal 
Holme Houses, Burneside   High Ridge, Kendal  Sandylands Road, Kendal 
Howgill Close, Burneside  High Sparrowmire, Kendal  Sparrowmire Lane, Kendal 
Broad Ing Crescent, Kendal  Jenkin Rise, Kendal  Spital Park, Kendal 
Broad Ing, Kendal  Kentdale Road, Kendal  Thirlmere Road, Kendal 
Caroline Street, Kendal  Kentmere Brow, Kendal  Ullswater Road, Kendal 
Coniston Drive, Kendal  Kettlewell Road, Kendal  Underley Avenue, Kendal  
Garburn Road, Kendal  Langdale Crescent, Kendal  Underley Hill, Kendal 
Garth Bank, Kendal  Longlands View, Kendal  Underley Road, Kendal  
Garth Brow, Kendal  Low Garth, Kendal   Whinfell Drive, Kendal 
Grasmere Crescent, Kendal  Low Mead, Kendal  White Stiles, Kendal