Preparing to Move

When preparing to move there is always a lot to think about and therefore the more you can organise prior to moving, the easier it will be. Our properties are offered on an unfurnished basis and therefore you may need to purchase furniture, white goods and carpets. You will also need to organise utilities and services as well as ensure that you comply with any legal requirements.

Rent in Advance

You will be required to make a payment in advance when signing for a property and therefore it is important to make provision for this when planning your move. Please contact South Lakes Housing for further advice.

Help with the rent

If you are not already in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, you may wish to consider whether you would qualify when you move. If you are already in receipt of either, you will need to ensure that existing claims continue when your circumstances change.

Furniture/White Goods

Should you need to purchase second-hand furniture and/or white goods there is a range of options available, including;

Impact Furniture Services

South Lakeland Age UK Shops

Kendal Sell and Seek

There are also other Charity Shops located in towns across the area which can supply a range of household items.


It is usually the case that the property will need to be carpeted and this can be a major expense. There are carpet suppliers in the local area and there are also companies online, such as PayAsYouGo Carpets, any of which may be able to meet your needs. However, we do not recommend any one particular organisation, it would be up to you to shop around.

A few other things to remember

    • Contact the Local Authority to set up or change your Council Tax payments and to add your household to the electoral roll
    • Contact the Local Authority to make a claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit (if applicable)
    • Contact your gas, water and electricity suppliers to set up or change your utilities accounts
    • Take meter readings as soon as you move in (these are usually confirmed as part of the tenancy sign up process)
    • Find out where your stop taps, fuse box and trip switch are located (contact South Lakes Housing if you need help)
    • Arrange contents insurance for your personal belongings (building insurance is already set up for your property)
    • Re-direct your mail from your previous address (please contact the Post Office for advice)
    • Arrange or amend your TV licence (if necessary)
    • If you install a phone, please let us know your landline number
  • Remember to let your doctor, dentist, bank, employer, school, DVLA and any other organisation that will need to be aware, of your new address.