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How Can I Pay My Rent? - South Lakes Housing

How Can I Pay My Rent?

Your rent is due weekly and is payable in advance. You can pay your rent by the following methods:

  • By direct debit: this is the best and way to pay and you can do this easily by telephoning South Lakes Housing on 0300 303 8540.   You can choose any day for your direct debit and we offer any frequency as well including weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly.
  • Via our automated phone line. Telephone 0300 303 8540
  • By setting up a recurring card payment from your debit card.
  • By using the allPay App
  • Via the internet: Please use the following link:
  • By Allpay Swipe Cards: This enables you to pay your rent at any post office or allpay, payzone and paypoint outlets in the UK. See here: ) to view the places where you can pay rent. To request a card please contact us.