Q. There is damp and mould in my home. What should I do and how can SLH help?

A. If you notice any signs of damp or mould in your home, contact us by sending us an email or calling us on 0300 303 8540. We will arrange for a damp inspection of your home and clean down any affected areas. We’ll also look at what we can do to stop the damp and mould from coming back.

Finding the cause of damp and mould can sometimes be hard, but here are a few different things we can look at:

  • Specialist treatment work to treat any problem areas
  • Increasing the ventilation in your home using extra extractor fans which will help moisture to escape
  • Installing mechanical ventilation systems which will help remove any moisture automatically
  • Arrange for your homes’ damp proof course (DPC) to be checked. And if it needs repairing or replacing, we will get it fixed.
  • Fit a device to help work out where the damp’s coming from so we can work out how best to deal with it.