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Start Survey - South Lakes Housing

Start Survey

We have asked tenant and leaseholders in our general needs and sheltered homes to share their views on the services we provide by conducting a Survey of Tenants and Residents. This helps us to understand satisfaction levels with SLH and to focus on how services could be improved. 

The survey took place in December 2021 and we received over 650 response which will play a big part in helping us to shape our service going forward. Thank you to everyone who took part. Since then, we’ve worked with 10 groups of different colleagues to assess your feedback. 

What were the headlines? 

  • Over 4/5ths of tenants are satisfied with the overall service provided by SLH. 
  • 85% of SLH tenants who have had a repair in the last year expressed satisfaction with the service, notably 94% are satisfied with the attitude of workers. 
  • 88% satisfied that South Lakes Housing provides a home that is safe and secure. 
  • 83% satisfied that South Lakes Housing is easy to deal with 

We want to make sure that the things we need to improve on are captured and monitored in the future, so we have set up a feedback group. The STAR feedback group (all customers who want to be involved) will monitor an action plan that will ensure changes take place. If you would like to be involved, please contact 

Some of the areas identified for the feedback group to monitor: 

  • How we listen to and act on resident’s views in our general needs but particularly with our sheltered scheme residents. 
  • How we work alongside customers/residents around heating and energy efficiency of your home. 


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