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Request For Temporary Accommodation In Kendal | South Lakes Housing

Request For Temporary Accommodation In Kendal

South Lakes Housing has backed a plea by the Council to request more offers of temporary accommodation in the Kendal area, to help flood-affected residents.

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) has been receiving requests for help from residents that have suffered flooding at their properties.

An appeal was made immediately following the flooding in early December for landlords and property owners to help with providing private rented properties in and around South Lakeland suitable to accommodate families flooded out following the storms.

As a result, many people came forward with offers of assistance and SLDC’s housing team have compiled a list of available properties in the district and have been matching affected households with available homes.

Now that the Christmas holidays are over some residents are finding that the short-term temporary living arrangements they had put in place are coming to an end, and it is no longer practical for them to stay with friends or relatives until they can return to their own properties. 

Insurance companies and property owners are also starting one of the largest rebuilding jobs ever seen in South Lakeland and residents are now realising that they will need to continue living in temporary accommodation for several months.

This had led to further requests in the last week from people seeking assistance from SLDC, particularly residents who are looking to secure longer-term temporary accommodation in the immediate Kendal area, so they are closer to workplaces and childrens’ schools.

Through the South Lakeland Flood Recovery Group, SLDC is working with local housing associations like South Lakes Housing and Home Group to provide temporary accommodation and is still matching people with properties off the list, but the demand for temporary housing in Kendal has increased and there are now a small number of families with a specific need for temporary accommodation in Kendal.

More than 2,200 residential properties have been affected by flooding in South Lakeland, with an estimated 1,800 of those in Kendal.

SLDC has already helped to re-house more than 60 flood-affected households in longer-term temporary accommodation, but Alan Davis, Principal Housing Solutions and Homelessness Officer at SLDC, explained that while the council still has available properties on its list, there was an emerging need for more temporary accommodation in Kendal.

Mr Davis said: “We are really grateful to those who have previously offered help and we have been overwhelmed by their generosity and are still passing on those offers to people made homeless by the floods. 

“The temporary accommodation offers have come from all over the district, including from landlords and second-home owners, and we have tried wherever possible to re-house people  close to their own homes.

“Now we are seeing greater demands for accommodation in the Kendal area following the Christmas holidays and we are appealing again for offers of assistance.

“This is particularly to help those families who may not have access to a car so would struggle to get children to school in Kendal, or get into work in Kendal, if they were to be re-housed in some of the available properties located in more remote parts of the district. 

“We are especially looking for affordable, family-sized housing in the Kendal area, particularly arrangements which are flexible to cover a few months rather than the normal six month tenancies that are out there. 

“In some cases landlords and hotel owners are waiving fees and lowering rents which is absolutely wonderful”.

If anyone can help they are asked to contact SLDC’s Housing Option Team on 01539 793199 or email