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Making the most of our assets | South Lakes Housing

Making the most of our assets

Return on investment to asset management

Our strategic approach to asset management ensures our properties will be of the right type, size and location to enable us to meet future housing need and deliver our corporate objectives. This strategic approach has already informed a number of decisions and ensured maximum return of particular assets, including the disposal of a fire damaged properties & low demand properties, redevelopment of high demand properties to be re-let at Affordable Rents and the redirection of resources into our ‘Waterside’ project to help create a more sustainable community.

SLH seeks to maximise the use of all its resources and has during the year undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of the return on all our housing assets using data on stock condition, demand, cost and other factors. This has identified a number of under-performing properties which will be subject to further appraisal to decide whether it will be more beneficial to invest further in these properties or dispose of them and reinvest proceeds into the provision of new, better value homes.

The Asset Management Strategy has also been updated during the year to reflect this new approach and our increased focus on ensuring return on all our assets is maximised.